Being Kind to Animal Pests, revised edition

by Stephen M. Vantassel with Steve Meyer

ISBN 978-1-365-88096-4 | Published 2017 | Paperback | 141 pp | illus

Being Kind to Animal Pests, revised edition, released earlier this year, is Vantassel’s update of Steve Meyer’s classic resource, Being Kind to Animal Pests. The newly revised version provides users of cage and box traps specific principles and tips to improve the humaneness of these devices. Highlights include:

  • Advice from published literature as well as the personal on-the-job experience of professional wildlife control operators.  
  • A discussion of equipment, baiting, setting, and use of cage and box traps.
  • Specific advice for handling the most common nuisance animal species in the United States.
  • A review of how to trap animals in the least injurious way practical.
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