Companion Study Guide for The Service Technician's Inspection and Identification Manual

By: Dr. William H Robinson

Published 2014 | 72 pages | Illustrated

The Service Technician’s Field Inspection and Identification Manual Companion Study Guide is a study guide and training resource designed to reinforce the key information in The Service Technician's Inspection and Identification Manual.  

Each chapter of the Companion Study Guideincludes a brief overview of the topic, key points and "10 Things to Know" with lines for note-taking and review.

The Service Technician's Inspection and Identification Trainingwhich is also available at the PCT Bookstoreis an instructor's DVD with PowerPoint presentations to aid instructors in classroom applications, and a test bank, based on the book's 10 Things to Know, for evaluating students’ knowledge. Together these resources are the basis of a training program for service technicians. Each technician should have a copy of this resource for classroom instruction.

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