Managing Snow & Ice/Business Forms CD Combo

Managing Snow & Ice, 2nd Edition, Snow Removal Business Forms

Managing Snow & Ice, 2nd Edition

Published 2011, 210 pages

Game-changing technology and business innovations have revolutionized the snow removal industry. Industry expert John Allin shares his insight into these developments and shares how your show removal operation can take full advantage to beome more effective, efficient, and profitable. This book provides the key elements of running a successful snow removal business.

Snow Removal Business Forms

Published 2011 CD-ROM

A companion to Managing Snow & Ice, this CD-ROM contains more than 80 forms and documents essential to snow removal company operation. Taken directly from forms John A. Allin uses in his highly successful snow removal operation. Updated and expanded in 2011!

Forms include:


  • CGL Insurance Explanation
  • Current Employee Agreement
  • Driver Database
  • Early Season Subcontractor Memo
  • Employment Agreement with Non-Compete Clause
  • Memo to Potential Subcontractor
  • Performance Review
  • Subcontractor Agreement
  • Subcontractor Hours Tracking
  • Subcontractor Rate Sheet
  • Subcontractor Referral Notice
  • Thank You memo to Subcontractors
  • Job descriptions for many positions


  • Mechanic Work Order Form


  • Financial Ratios to Watch
  • Purchase Agreement for a Snow Removal Business
  • Sample Balance Sheet
  • Sample Budget


  • Deicing Route Sheet
  • Sample Route Sheet
  • Snow Response Plan
  • Time Sheet   


  • Blank Snow Proposal
  • Call Out Procedure
  • Commercial Snow Proposal
  • Sales Letter
  • Service Denial - Commercial
  • Service Denial - Residential
  • Terms & Conditions
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