Service Technician's Field Manual

By: William H Robinson, Ph.D.

Paperback | 218 Pages 

The Service Technician’s Field Manual is packed with valuable information providing situation-specific pest control. This 218-page, fully-illustrated manual is perfect for on-the-job reference, in-class technical training, or state- test studies.

The Service Technician’s Field Manualshould be a part of every service technician’s technical library and can easily be used to train new personnel with the new Service Technician's Training Program and Companion Study Guides (student workbooks). Order one for each technician on your team!


  • The Next Generation Service Technician
  • IPM: Detection and Monitoring
  • Non-Chemical Control Methods
  • Chemical Insecticides and Formulations
  • Application Technology, Economics, and Safety
  • Termite  and Wood-Infesting Insect Control
  • Structural Fumigation, Indoor and Outdoor Insecticide Application
  • Rodent Control
  • Insecticide Application Equipment, Equipment Repair and Maintenance
  • Weights, Measures and Calculations

About the Author

Bill Robinson, Ph.D.
  • Veteran industry researcher and educator
  • Published more than 250 papers and articles on pests and application technology
  • Author of Urban Entomology (1995) and Urban Insects and Arachnids(2005)
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