The Application and Equipment Student Training Set

By: William H Robinson

Training set includes:
The Application and Equipment Manual
The Application and Equipment Study Guide

A cost effective, in-house training program that works well for new service technician hires, as well as a vital resource for providing ongoing review training for seasoned service professionals.

The 128-page, easy-to-understand manual, published by the PCT Media Group, is divided into two sections. Following the Introduction, chapters 2 through 8 focus on application methods including Liquid Application, Structural Wood Treatment, Soil Treatment and Termite Control, Foam Application, Fogging and Aerosol Application, Dust and Granule Application, and Gel Bait Application. Chapters 9 through 15 provide detailed instructions, illustrations, and parts lists for standard equipment including Traps and Monitors, Compressed-Air Sprayers, Foggers and Aerosol-Application Equipment, Foam-Application Equipment, Soil-Application Equipment, Dust- and Granule-Application Equipment, and Gel Bait-Application Equipment.


Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Liquid Application

Chapter 3 - Structural Wood Treatment

Chapter 4 - Soil Treatment and Termite Control

Chapter 5 - Foam Application

Chapter 6 - Fogging and Aerosol Application

Chapter 7 - Dust and Granule Application

Chapter 8 - Gel Bail Application

Chapter 9 - Traps and Monitors

Chapter 10 - Compressed-Air Sprayers

Chapter 11 - Foggers and Aerosol-Application Equipment

Chapter 12 - Foam-Application Equipment

Chapter 13 - Soil-Application Equipment

Chapter 14 - Dust - And Granule-Application Equipment

Chapter 15 - Gel Bail-Application Equipment

Chapter 16 - Additional Manuals and Books

Chapter 17 - Calculations and Measurements

Chapter 18 - Index

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