PCT Field Guide - Mgmt of Structure Infesting Flies - 2nd edition

by Stoy A. Hedges, B.C.E., Dan Moreland, Editor

ISBN 978-1-883751-52-4 | 2020 | Paperback | 264 pp | illus

The goal of this handy field guide is to help service technicians serve their customers better in solving the often difficult problems caused by flies in structures. Offering practical insights about basic fly anatomy and biology, along with “real-world” identification and control tips, the 2nd Edition of this valuable field resource is authored by Board Certified Entomologist Stoy Hedges. Also included in this pocket-sized book is a taxonomic key for structure-infesting flies and a four-color identification guide. All-new chapters are also devoted to small dung flies, freeloader flies, biting midges, ked flies, tachinid flies, hover flies, robber flies, bot flies and the little house fly. Ideal for in-field use or classroom training.

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